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Are you thinking of purchasing a beautiful old home but you are uncertain about the possibility of an old boiler? Eco Efficient is here to help. We have the expert who can service boilers effectively. With their many years of experience in handling boilers, you can be assured that they will inspect and repair your boiler as expected. If you need to make any form of adjustments, they will help you ensure that your boiler and the entire central heating system are functional.

It’s worth mentioning that boilers in operation today don’t boil water (if you believed otherwise, then, you now know the truth).  In fact, the word ‘boiler’ is a carryover from the past when homeowners used steam boilers. Today’s boilers are mainly water heaters and in most cases use natural gas. With that, you need an expert in water heaters who understands the current types of boilers. At Eco Efficient, we have engineers who have a broad knowledge regarding the existing boiler types and models. Therefore, you can be sure that we will provide expert services rather than guesswork.

Note that boilers provide radiant heat which is absorbed by the objects in your rooms to keep the room warm. On the other hand, a forced furnace heats the air in a room, and that means that the objects inside that room absorb this heat slowly. Boilers are more preferred for keeping homes warm because of two major reasons. First, you can set the thermostat at a lower temperature, and the radiant heat will still keep your room warm. The second reason is that a boiler provides a more balanced heat throughout your home.

With such a sophisticated appliance in your home, you can’t afford to have an amateur install or repair it. In fact, when it comes to boiler installation and boiler repair, you should focus hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer to make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that poor boiler and central heating installation can be a source of endless heating issues in your home. Why don’t you opt to prevent such mess by hiring the right expert to install or service your boiler?

At Eco Efficient, we have highly trained professional engineers with decades of experience in central heating installation and other related services. These engineers are regularly trained to make sure that they can put up with the ever-changing boiler and central heating technology. Besides, they have access to a cutting-edge technology that allows them to deliver excellent services to our clients.

Our client support team is also highly trained. These are people of great personalities. They are kind and always ready to help each of our clients where they can. From the moment you contact us first to the point our engineers bid you goodbye after delivering the services, you will be treated with care and the respect you deserve. Even if you are battling with a gas and boiler leak issue, we will help you fix the problem in time.

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