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Once a year, it’s important to service your boiler once. During the servicing process, the underlying faults can be uncovered and addressed before they become a big issue. Regular servicing will ensure that your boiler is safer to use and also maintain the boiler’s warranty from the manufacturer where applicable.

In addition to the excellent boiler servicing we provide, here are the other services we provide.

Boiler repair

Regardless how robust your boiler might seem currently, at one point in time it will develop an issue. When it does, you will need a reputable company with the right expertise to help repair your boiler. At Eco Efficient, we provide excellent boiler repairs at affordable prices. Therefore, you don’t have to stay in a cold home or lack hot water just because of boiler breakdowns.

Boiler installation

Do you intend to replace your old boiler or you’re installing a boiler in your home for the first time? Eco Efficient offers you a perfect chance to install your boiler excellently. We have highly trained engineers who have many years of experience when it comes to installation of boilers. They know each step involved in the installation of boilers, and thus, you can trust them for the best boiler installation in Oxford and the nearby areas.

Central heating installation

A home without a central heating system sounds incomplete. Our engineers can install any central heating system. Once you contact us for services related to central heating installation, we will dispatch a team of professional engineers to help you. These engineers will first analyze your entire home and determine a perfect location to install the central heating so that your home can receive perfect and even heating.

Central heating repairs

Sometimes you may realize that the bottom side of your radiators has a different temperature from the upper side. Or perhaps your rooms aren’t getting heated evenly. While these issues might sound minor, they should be addressed by a professional engineer. Whenever you realize that your central heating has developed a problem, it’s time to contact Eco Efficient for immediate help. Our engineers travel using our company vehicles and that allows them to take the shortest time possible to arrive at your home and fix the issue. That means you won’t stay in a cold home even if your central heating system malfunctions at night.

Gas and boiler repairs

One of the most frightening things is a gas leak at home. If not handled properly, a gas leak can result in explosions that might end up causing serious loss of property and cause deaths as well. Once you detect a gas leak in your home, you should open all the windows and doors. Besides, you should get out and contact us immediately. Our client support team will advise you on the best precautions to take before our engineers arrive.

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