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Gas and Boiler Leaks

This is because gas leaks can result in explosions that can claim lives and at the same time cause massive loss of property. Therefore, the moment you detect a gas leak in your home you should close the main gas valve and get out. Contact Eco Efficient for gas and boiler leaks help. We will send a team of engineers immediately to help you.

Three of the most installed boilers in the United Kingdom include System boilers, Combination boilers, and regular heat only boiler. Regardless of the type of boiler you have installed in your home, you’re likely to deal with leaky boiler. Whenever you notice that your boiler is leaking water, turn off the water supply immediately. You should also empty the water in the boiler system. Then, contact Eco Efficient for assistance. Our engineers will first diagnose the problem, find out what might be causing it, and then fix it the same day.

At Eco Efficient, we understand the inconveniences associated with a leaky boiler. That’s why we will dispatch a team of engineers immediately to help fix the problem in time. In case your boiler requires replacement of some faulty components, our experts will always ensure that you get the best boiler components and get the issue fixed within the shortest time possible.

Why us?
Competitive rates

You must have heard of the common misconception that cheap services are always poor. We call it a misconception because at Eco Efficient, we charge low prices for excellent services. The quality of our gas and boiler leak solutions is unmatched, yet, our engineers won’t ask for too much money after the service. Well, we don’t provide free services and at the same time, we never overcharge our clients. Our prices are simply fair!

24-hour emergency service

Detecting a gas leak at night in your home can be one of the worst things ever. The situation becomes even worse when you can’t pin point the exact point of leak. On the other hand, a minor boiler leak can be fixed the next day, but not during a chilly winter weather where you need your boiler every second, every minute and every hour of your day!

The best news is that Eco Efficient provides top quality solutions 24 hours each day. The moment you notice your boiler is leaking, simply contact our client support team and we will send immediate help. Whether it’s at night or during the day, you will get helped within the shortest time possible.

Services offered by professionals

Gone are the days when people used to pay amateurs to fix gas and boiler issues. You no longer need to use cello tape or paper bags to wrap around the leaky areas. At Eco Efficient, our professional engineers use the right tools and equipment to offer solutions for any form of gas and boiler leak.

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